HSUS, Where are you???

A commentary about the HSUS
by Karen Strange

I have a question for Wayne Pacelle and the HSUS. Where are you now  that so many animals need you? You keep cramming legislation down our throats, claiming to be the experts in animal husbandry. You are working  feverishly in D.C. to push through your anti-slaughter bill with no regards to what owners can do with old or unwanted horses. You want sows  left to move around with their piglets, which results in many being crushed. You want everything your way because you claim to be the ones
 who care about animals. Well, big boy, where are you and your supporters  when so many animals are in stress in Colorado and the surrounding states? There are thousands of cattle, horses and pigs in dire need of  food and water while their owners ( yes, their OWNERS! ) are exhausted in trying to care for them. The National Guard and others are doing all  they can to help, but where are you and your cohorts? You have bled countless unknowing people of their money all in the name of "helping the
 animals" It's time for you to ante up. Where's the money, where's the help, and where is your bleeding heart? In my opinion, you and all your supporters should be required, by federal law, to get off your duffs in Washington and go straight to
 Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma and completely clean up the mess left behind when the snow finally melts. It's too bad there isn't a federal law in place already, requiring you to spend your fortune for  the purpose you claimed when soliciting it. You should have to dispose of every carcass and clean up the environment, all at your own expense.  You should be out there now with helicopters and whatever means necessary to help the ranchers and animal owners. After all, you can  afford to buy your own equipment! You and PeTA have shown your true colors. It's our duty to make everyone aware of what you truly stand for - money and power with  absolutely no regards for the animals in need.




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