ANIMAL AMBASSADORS Emerging To Shed Light On Anti-Pet Laws

In light of all the anti-pet legislation coursing through the country, many pet owners have decided that enough is enough!
"True animal lovers only want to live in peace and love their pets. They would never dream up such laws. Hurting pet lovers this way is heartless, crude and mean-spirited. Instead of preventing cruelty, this is the very license for it." (Ron Hevener - Author, "High Stakes")

January 10, 2007 - New animal ordinances are springing up all over the world and more recently sweeping the United States. Many responsible pet owners and pet lovers believe that these new ordinances will force irresponsible owners into proper and responsible care of their animals. If you listen to animal protection groups and the mainstream media, one is lead to believe that dangerous dogs, pet overpopulation and breeding kennel conditions are "the issues in question." But when we take a closer look, are those things "really" what drives all this legislation?

According to mayors and other officials of the cities passing these laws, most of the recent ordinances which have passed in the United States have been pushed through in the name of public safety. Such legislators have felt (most notably, the recent ordinance passed in Louisville, KY) that the first concern is public safety. The interests of constituents ...Concerns of constituents ... Public opinion ... These things ranked further down on their list of considerations.

Anti-pet laws passed in the name of public safety are more definitively directed at breeders and others who have animals for racing, show, and sporting events rather than protecting the public from so-called dangerous animals. More importantly, they are directed at eliminating the right to own animals; to merely be animal guardians -- with the city and state governments actually owning the animals -- and thereby making their own decisions for the animals as regards spaying, neutering, micro chipping, and euthanizing.

There is a hidden agenda with regard to all of these laws and it has nothing to do with public safety or concerns for good animal care. Rather, it is about eroding or removing American freedoms, the right to own as many animals as we can provide for, the end to all domestic animal ownership, and the end to the existence of domestic animals altogether. That is the true and hidden agenda.

In Louisville, KY, home of the Kentucky Derby and the largest and oldest dog and sporting shows in the country, it appears that this anti-animal ordinance was meant to send a loud and clear message to the rest of the country about the actual ownership of everything in this country. Eminent domain, political correctness and now anti-animal laws -- nothing is as it appears in America the "free and brave, by the people, for the people, OF the people". These laws are more guise than care, if read deeply and thoroughly. Protecting animals is not the true goal here.

However a light is beginning to dawn on the dark terrain of animal laws and civil rights.

ANIMAL AMBASSADORS - (a term coined by Pennsylvania author/artist, Ron Hevener - - are now stepping forward to claim back their rights as free American citizens with the right to make their own decisions with regards to their animals, and Kim Bloomer, host of the online radio show, Animal Talk Naturally, is one of them.

"I have always been an animal lover, caring very much for their well-being and welfare. It's dismaying to me -- after all the years I've worked with animals in veterinary medicine, and now as a natural pet care educator -- to see the very core of who I am, being attacked through these nasty laws disguised as concern for me as a citizen. I am a voice for the animals and I am standing in the gap as a voice for them and their owners, knowing true animal lovers are joining together with me to sing in this choir. I know many are ready to do so as the real Ambassadors for the Animals."
To find out more about the laws and how you can take action, go to - or The Animal Talk Naturally website will soon have form letters people can use to contact politicians at every level, pet product manufacturers and city officials as a means of letting them know that we are retaining our rights to our animals and not passing them into the hands of government and extremist animal fringe groups.

Submitted by Ron Hevener's Publicist


Kim Bloomer

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