Ch. 91: How It Affects Rabbit Owners/Breeders

1. Raising rabbits for meat or fur is not protected unless the breeder keeps the rabbit on at least 5 acres. [91.001 Agricultural Use]

2. A $300 Animal Dealer’s license is required for selling any rabbits or their offspring. The occasional sale exemption applies only if the rabbit breeder has one or fewer unaltered cats and more than one unaltered dog on the premises. [91.001 Animal Dealer, Occasional Sale; 91.021(10); Appendix A]

3. A rabbit bite or scratch is defined as an Attack, and must be reported to Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS). The offending rabbit must then be quarantined for 10 days. The owner is liable for any injury or damages that result from the rabbit attack. [91.001 Attack; 91.040; 91.037; 91.026]

4. A rabbit breeder can be charged with Cruelty for choosing to treat minor illnesses or injuries at home instead of taking the rabbit to a vet. This is a criminal offense that can result in jail time (90 days) and forfeiture of the animal. [91.001 Cruelty; 91.050; 91.999]

5. A rabbit breeder can be charged with Cruelty if an Animal Control Officer does not think the animal’s cages or hutches are appropriate. Section 91.050 requires “resting boards” on the floor of the hutch if that floor is not constructed of an insulating material. Penalty is jail time and forfeiture of the animal. [91.001 Cruelty; 91.050; 91.999]

6. A rabbit breeder/owner can be charged with Cruelty if rabbits are not clean and brushed to the satisfaction of any Animal Control Officer. [91.001 Cruelty “failure to provide health related grooming”; 91.050; 91.999]

7. If two rabbits fight, the owner or breeder can be charged with “Exhibition Fighting” under 91.054 for allowing “combat between animals.” Penalty is jail time (up to 90 days) and forfeiture of all animals. [91.054; 91.999]

8. 91.059 prohibits “mutilation of animals” whether alive or dead. There is no exemption for home handling of food or fur animals. There is no exemption for necropsies. Penalty is forfeiture of animals and jail time (90 days). [91.059; 91.999]


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