Light Banishes Darkness

"The best protection against evil is a heart bent toward good; seeking

God in all things." - John Fischer (A Purpose Driven Life Daily Devotional - inspiration for the title of this article).

Darkness has crept into the world of animals and animal protection over the years, with 2007 shaping up to be the darkest yet. Those of us who love our animals and want to continue to live with them in companionship (rather than banish them to a "gaze upon at a distance place," as the animal rights movement would have us do), are experiencing a rude awakening to the true dark agenda of this movement. It is this awakening that has gotten pet lovers, pet owners and breeders moving, speaking out, and taking action. We're out of the gates a bit slow but like Phar Lap the racehorse, we can come from way behind and stride out front to win this race and leave them in the dust!

With anti-pet owner, anti-breeder, anti-animal ordinances passing at an alarming rate nationwide (under the guise of public safety), it stands to reason many of us are standing around in a bit of a dazed shock at how fast this all appears to have happened. While we were all tending to the care of our animals over the years, working with them and loving them, the militant animal rights movement has been digging into our soft-hearted pockets and building themselves a massive army along with a media machine.

If you've ever watched the trilogy of Lord of the Rings, you understand about a creeping darkness that is slowly but methodically gaining ground, annihilating everything in its ugly path, taking down any beauty, love, gentleness, kindness, joy, and peace, leaving in its wake a battle-scarred filth with monstrous beasts and demons abounding. This is how I perceive the animal rights movement: with an agenda to end all the beauty that God has given to us. 

He who seeks good finds goodwill. But evil comes to him who searches for it. - Proverbs 11:27

One thing the animal rights movement has forgotten - (probably intentionally, because they are a misguided, hate-filled, radical, anarchist bunch) – is that with rights, comes responsibility. Our pets are dependent upon us to be responsible with our rights and freedoms. Those things can't be legislated, only learned and taught. Animals don't care or know one thing about rights and laws. They care about being loved and cared for. They care about serving and loving us in return.  We could all take a lesson from the very animals this whole "agenda" is about. They forgive. They love. They serve willingly.

One recent rebuttal by an animal lover, Joan Schoch, said "If more humans are held accountable for their actions, our children and grandchildren will grow up knowing that human rights also means human responsibilities and both humans and animals will be the better for it."   (

Amen! We don't just legislate away all our rights so the government owns everything and has carte blanche on our property (to include our animals for their protection) because then we have devolved from democracy into bondage again.

So how do we fight back and come from the lag into the lead like our famous racehorse Phar Lap? We remove the darkness. A good friend, veterinarian Dr. John Symes (aka Dogtor J) shared some interesting things with me today. He said that illness is just the absence of health. Darkness is just the absence of light. That is good news for those of us in this fight against darkness.

We don't fight tactic against tactic but rather face the darkness with light. A friend, Ron Hevener (author/artist/breeder), said "Be the change you want to see". Mahatma Gandhi said something similar. BE light. We've been trying to fight this all wrong. We are the TRUE voice for the animals. We've been moping in the animal rights darkness, cowering in fear at all these ridiculous ordinances passing. That is one reason they are winning.

Money isn't a problem because with millions of pet lovers who want to continue to own and love their pets in this country, and billions of dollars spent in the pet industry, it stands to reason we ARE the ones who call the shots. We've just been listening to too much rhetoric and propaganda. Light banishes darkness. Banishes it! When it is dark outside things can seem scary with dangers lurking in every corner. But when the sun comes up, the fear vanishes because we can see clearly.

I'll leave you with this thought: when you flip on a light in a roach-infested room they scatter like the scum they are. We can do likewise and we ARE the "sun come up".  

(c)2007 Kim Bloomer
Kim Bloomer is a natural pet care educator, professional lecturer, host of the online radio show Animal Talk Naturally and a proficient blogger and writer on natural pet health. Kim is also co-author of the book Whole Health for Happy Dogs. She worked in the veterinary field for many years and continues to do extensive research into natural health care for dogs and cats. Kim is currently enrolled in the Clayton College of Natural Health studying for a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition/Doctor of Naturopathy. Kim is a member of the American Veterinary Naturopathic Association.  

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