Life Saving Microchips

There have been some recent comments questioning the safety of microchips. Several articles referencing foreign studies were quoted. Literally millions of American dogs, cats, horses and other pets have been microchipped and protected over the past 20 years with no problems. A much more common observation would be an immunization reaction from vaccinations concurrently given with microchips. It is possible to physically carry in a surface contaminant or piece of hair with the implant.

Dr. Dennis Macy of the University of Colorado, School of Veterinary Medicine states that microchips did not cause lesions in animals he studied. Rao and Edmondson from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (Toxicol Pathol, 1990;18(3):412-6) reported a two-year study in 1990 with 70 animals having no neoplastic changes observed following microchipping.

There are over 1000 recovery calls per day to American Recovery Centers for lost animals found with microchips. For questions and implant instructions, please contact Dan Knox, DVM - Director, Companion Animal Operations, AVID Microchip Identification Systems.

Additional Info: Dr. Knox has served as emergency clinic veterinarian, animal shelter manager and currently works with AVID-the microchip company. He has personally microchipped tens of thousands of pets.

Dan Knox, DVM


Editors Note: Another commonly used microchip in the Louisville area is made by HomeAgain.


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