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Louisville-pets.com is proud to sponsor pet adoptions. One of our primary goals is to help place good pets into good homes. We provide this free service to the community by posting pets for adoption on the site.  Currently the only method we have for doing this is to post pictures, stories and contact information for the adoptable pets and their current owners. Please note that the information you provide below will be posted on the site for the general public to see in the adoptions section. This means that your preferred method of contact will be posted on the internet and may be seen or used by anyone who accesses the site for things for which it was not intended. This can include (but not limited to) spam, personal emails, and phones calls if you give your phone number. By submitting information on this form, you agree that Louisville-pets.com shall in no way be held responsible for the miss-use of this contact information if that occurs.  Once the pet has been adopted, let us know and we will remove your contact information.

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