To the Louisville Metro Council,
The Staffordshire Terrier Club of America has held many of our National
Specialty shows in conjunction with the Louisville Kennel Club shows. Not
only do we attend those dog shows, many of us stay over for a show circuit
that follows a week later. I have flown in to attend those shows, stayed in
the finer hotels in your city, rented vehicles, bought gas, eaten in
restaurants, gone shopping, and have thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful

If you ban my breed of dog, I will no longer come to Louisville for dog
shows, nor will I ever come there again for horse racing, or stock car
racing. I won't ever buy another Louisville Slugger. No more Kentucky
Bourbon will I buy. I will write letters to all events that are sponsored
by Kentucky products, and tell them why I will no longer attend their
events, or use products manufactured in Kentucky. If you make me a criminal
for owning a breed of dog, I will make you infamous. I will ask all of my
friends, acquaintances, and all of my fellow animal owners to join me in my

I live in Washington state. The city of Yakima passed a breed specific
ordinance. The Yakima Kennel Club moved it's show site to the town of Union
Gap. Even with the move their show attendance is down by more than half of
what it was prior to the BSL being enacted. People are afraid that their
dogs might be misidentified, and be confiscated and destroyed. People who
own dogs that are valued at from $10,000, to $30,000 are not going to go to
any place where their dogs could be confiscated, and killed. I was told by
the City Manager of Yakima that if I drive through their town on the way to
a dog show in Portland, Oregon, that I would be subject to being pulled
over, to having my crated show dogs confiscated, and killed, to having a
$5,000.00 fine per dog, and/or jail time for possessing an American
Staffordshire Terrier within Yakima's city limits. I do not go to Yakima. I
do not buy Yakima apples. I do not attend the Yakima Kennel Club show. I
will never go to any place that criminalizes me for owning a dog.

Denver, Colorado has BSL. It's airport is a Western hub. I do not fly on
any flight that has a layover in Denver. I refuse to watch the Denver
Broncos football team. I am only one person, but there are a whole lot of
other individuals just like me in our convictions not to support BSL in any

Breed specific dog ordinances do not protect the public from dangerous
dogs. They do take away pets from the law abiding citizenry. They do set
legal precedent that allows the enacting body to continue to add breeds,
they set no stop gaps to prevent all domestic species of animals from being
removed from our ownership, and care.

Cherie Graves