Dear Louisville Metro Council;
I will not visit Louisville in the event that the 8th Draft of the Animal Control Ordinance passes.
I encourage you to move forward with a generic dangerous dog law and drop the breed specific ordinance.
There is a solution... 
Responsible owners.       (I know this is long, but I do have a point to make...)
The pit bull is a super-intelligent, social, courageous and loving dog and needs a super-intelligent, social, courageous and loving owner.
How is that man able to train a full grown grizzly to perform in front of the movie camera?
That bear is trained to look aggressive and play tough for the director when he wants a MAD BEAR ATTACK in the movie scene.
So how is the man able to handle his bear, with movie stars around, and no one gets hurt?
With love and socialization.  And he is responsible for his charge, who happens to be a huge grizzly bear.
It all boils down to being (acting) responsible for your charge. 
Regardless if it is a grizzly, howler monkey, Chihuahua, pit bull, German Sheppard, or even ones own children.
If a small dog bites (Chihuahua), it shouldn't be giggled at or encouraged, it should be dealt with immediately.
If a big dog bites (Great Dane), it shouldn't be praised or encouraged, it should be dealt with immediately.
I see owners of big and small dogs saying that their animal is safe (around cats for example) and then watch them watch their dog chase my cat! 
Here's the problem, not jumping into action once the pet has misbehaved.  Standing in disbelief of what ones pet has suddenly done is not responsible.  I am not shocked at those people, they shouldn't even have had a pet.  There are good pet owners out there and they are out of our vision as the bad, irresponsible pet owners and their charges are causing the unnecessary ban of otherwise good quality pets.
Yes, there are backyard idiots that are breeding their dogs, willy nilly, and that is not responsible pet ownership.
The real responsible owners, who are being hurt in more ways with this breed banning, are not breeding their dogs for aggression.  It is the lack of aggression in the bully breeds that make them such great family pets.  This is what the breeders have worked towards in their breeding programs.  If your dog doesn't think that humans are the best thing on the planet, then you may have an aggressive dog.
Now, some people want aggressive dogs, okay, but there should be warnings, like the orange collar idea.  Those people who want aggressive dogs must be responsible, just like the hunter is responsible to point the muzzle of his gun down and away from people.
Please realize that not all dogs are aggressive, just like not all humans are aggressive.  It all boils down to how they are raised, humans and dogs alike.  It is the lazy and uncaring individuals who are to blame.
Please ban irresponsible owners, owners of all pets.  Dog owners are not the only pet owners out there.  there are lots of farm animals being mistreated, family pets are being mistreated and worst of all, young children are being mistreated...
WHY, because people are not responsible for their charges.
And the public will not tolerate an all out ban on all dogs.
The dog issue is a politicians cry for votes and a lazy attempt to look responsible and accountable for the job they haven't been doing.  Dogs, terrorist, and drugs were never the problem, it is the apathetic lifestyles of the average lazy-assed human-being, ready to point the blame on someone else instead of dealing with the real issue, right now!  Where there are bees, there are bee stings, where there are vehicles, there are vehicle accidents, where there are dogs, there are dog bites...  what should we do, sterilize the entire world? 
You don't say because a murder was done in a blue house to check out all blue houses...
Or that if a red Pontiac kills a pedestrian, to ban all red Pontiacs... 
Let's be reasonable and look for the simple solution.
Education about pool safety doesn't mean that pools are evil and out to get you, it means that one should behave safely around a pool.
Please consider options of less harm to the innocent and lets deal with the irresponsible people out there on a case by case basis, as always. 
The average citizen should be afraid of what Breed Specific Legislation is possibly going to lead to.  I'm from Ontario where there is a ban on "pitbulls", whatever that is, and it's up to you to prove that your dog isn't a pit bull to save your dogs life if accused.  It's not just our dogs at risk here, our rights are being stomped on.
On August 29, 2005 the Ontario Liberals' amendments to the Dog Owners' Liability Act became Law:
Upon police “belief” that you might possess a restricted dog, any person’s dog, of any breed, can be taken.  A Canadian’s legally obtained property is in jeopardy of arbitrary police seizure.
The restricted dog needs in no way to have proven to be vicious, they only need to look like it.  Canada is not a fascist country yet and the average citizen knows race profiling in any form goes against basic values of fairness and forethought.
This law gives Canadian police in Canada powers to enter any home (dog owner or not) WITHOUT a warrant, all that’s needed is “police belief” that a restricted dog “may” have been present, or whose owner is "believed" to have violated the provisions of the act in the past.  We are not talking about international spies or confirmed terrorists, we are talking about suspicion of housing a “bad dog” as a convenient premise to kick your door in, whether the dog owner is present or not.
Breed banning is illogical, expensive, practically unenforceable, politically manipulated and statistically indefensible.  It is starting to sound a lot like our ill-conceived long gun registry
Seized dogs can be sold to laboratories for vivisection smacks of collusion.  It seems to be lawmakers and pharmaceutical interest vs. private property rights with the police in the middle.
The pit bull is a super-intelligent, social, courageous and loving dog and needs a  super-intelligent, social, courageous and loving owner.
Once again, I encourage you to move forward with a generic dangerous dog law and drop the breed specific ordinance.
Thank you for your time,
Dana Kelley
of Hamilton Ontario.
Owner of English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. 
The Banned Nanny Dog of England.