We hope you do not undervalue the dollars spent by an average dog
 show exhibitor, when you decide to blow us off by passing such laws
 as would prohibit our travel to your town. Whereas the amount varies
 with the distance, health of pocketbook and various other factors,
 there IS spending, usually of the sort one would expect from any out
 of town tourist. We spend on restaurants, lodgings, local sightseeing
 and shopping, and general going out and about in a new town. We spend
 on fuel. There really is no predicting on what we will spend, except
 it is always more than we thought it would be. I have been going to
 dog shows as my own adult for about forty years. I will NEVER go to a
 dog show in a town which has breed hostile laws, never. Most of my
 friends are also dog people, breeder-exhibitors, judges and just
 plain fanciers, and I can assure you that Breed Hostile Laws will
 prevent them from visiting any town for any reason, let alone a dog
 show. Efforts are made to avoid spending a cent in such a place.

 So before you decide to throw away our shekels, perhaps you should
 rethink this careless RUSH TO INJUSTICE, if only for the money.
 It would not be a bad idea to reread the Constitution and Bill Of
 Rights while you are at it. We already had one big ugly war over what
 was called STATES RIGHTS. I think it could happen again.

 Hermine Stover