I have just learned of your very frightening proposed "pet" ordinance. My
family and I are horrified at the absurdity of these proposals! Did we
miss something? Is Louisville no longer in the United States of America?
What ARE you thinking????

We have always enjoyed visiting your previously lovely city....especially
around the first Saturday in May. We have always enjoyed your first rate
restaurants and hotels. However, if this ordinance passes, we will never
set foot in Louisville again......with or without our pets! We especially
enjoy meeting old friends there every year. There are so many lovely people
in Louisville. I feel sure they are not aware yet of this ridiculous
proposed ordinance.

This is so frightening to me that you would consider infringing on people's
rights this way. This is NOT an animal's rights issue .....this is a human
rights issue. You are threatening to be able to remove members of their
families on a personal whim.

You can be assured I am contacting everyone I know to stay away from
Louisville and to make sure that they check before coming if this ordinance
passes. Hmmm......think I'll contact AAA also......and AARP......especially
AARP. For many older people, their pets are all the family they have.

Mary Savage and Family