Regarding the breed specific legislation that you are considering, Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton recently gave a presentation
"dispelling" the myths of her BSL proposal. One thing she said, is that there will be no economic impact because of this, including the
dog shows.

The Louisville Kennel Club and the Mid-Kentucky Kennel Clubs host yearly all breed shows that happen to be some of the most well
attended dog events in your area. This year combined entries for both shows held March 18 and 19 2006 totaled 7,200! Shows of this size
generate a LOT of revenue, when you factor in exhibitor costs for gas, food and lodging within your jurisdiction.

To say that dog fanciers are not concerned about the consequences of breed specific legislation is a myth. Trouble is, it starts with one or
two breeds and soon it spreads to others, impacting the dog fancy across the board.

So, even though I may be only one exhibitor, and even though my breed of dog is NOT one you are considering banning, I have made a
conscientious decision NOT to attend the Louisville shows next year and I will encourage all my friends and acquaintances in the dog world to
do the same, by telling them that Louisville, Kentucky is NOT a dog friendly community.

Margaret Williamson