Dear Mr Peden (and the rest):

Please be advised that if the Louisville animal ordinance that you are
considering is enacted, Louisville WILL suffer financially. The
Louisville cluster of dog shows is a huge event, they are some of the
largest dog shows in the United States. People will not be able to
attend (and I certainly won't be allowed as I breed and show Bull
Terriers. Yes the Target Dog, Spuds MacKenzie and the same breed that
won Best in Show at Westminster this year.)

Dog people spend a lot of money at motel/hotels, restaurants, bars,
shopping and gasoline. Not only that, most of us will not ever go
back to Louisville for non dog events either. I would rather spend my
vacation money in a town where I am welcome.

There are excellent model dog laws that you can enact that will
require the owner to be responsible for their animals. Punishing
responsible people will not stop bad owners, only sensible laws and
ENFORCEMENT will work. Dogs can't read or obey laws, make the owners
accountable for the actions.


Paula Grecco