Hi Mr. Henderson,

Sandy Underwood here.  You know I have been giving a lot of thought to this dog ordinance and wanted to share some of those thoughts with you.  But first let me say that I appreciate all the time and effort the Committee, as well as the Task Force has dedicated to this project.  It has been closely followed by many in this community and we realize the Task Force has tried to cover every possible negative situation that could occur.........so much so, that the ordinance has now become rather lengthy and hard to follow.

My thoughts, in a nutshell on Draft # 8.....................NEEDS SIMPLIFICATION  

I think we all the want the same outcome from any ordinance adopted - public safety for ourselves and our neighbors.  If we are in agreement with that, then wouldn't you also agree that the SIMPLER the ordinance, the easier for all of us to understand and comply? Most of the wranglings have been over issues that, by their own admission, several committee members say "wont affect us".  Why then are these issues even in the ordinance, if they aren't going to affect any of us?  Lets make the ordinance simple to understand and simple to enforce - for ALL dog owners, as well as our ACO's and the Director himself.   

More than one of us were told Monday night that we "didn't have to worry" and that many issues in this ordinance "wouldn't affect us".  If I can be honest here, I think that was pure "hogwash" and just governments way of placating us.  I think its a sad day in Louisville when good law-abiding citizens feel they have been "glossed over" by the very people we have voted to represent our views.  Please don't fall into that category Mr. Henderson - I know you are a good, down-to-earth, hard-working fellow, much like me and my husband.  I know you enjoy family, wildlife, and your right to walk neighborhood streets - same as we do, only difference - our dogs usually accompany us.  They are no threat to our neighbors - never have been, never will be - and they are good citizens of this county.......Why?.....Because we are responsible dog owners.

We have a leash-law already - lets get busy enforcing it and heavily fine those that are found guilty of negligent behavior.  Another avenue to explore is LMAS - they must come up-to-par in their duties to enforce our current ordinance.  We as responsible dog owners would ask no more of them then required by their job description.  I believe their name implies that they are performing a service in Jefferson County, therefore is it beyond reason that we would expect them to also be responsible in their duties to serve the community?

I think most Jefferson County residents are like you and I.... hard-working individuals that want to enjoy the simpler things in life.  There are many things that we NEED to be worried about but I don't think a 96 page dog ordinance should be one of them. Why not get back to basics and have LMAS enforce the current leash law and the County Prosecutor punish the negligence of the irresponsible owners.  If that doesn't clean up the streets and reward responsible dog ownership, I'll be in the forefront to pass this "encyclopedia of nonsense" before us now.

Thanks again Mr. Henderson for all your years of public service, they are greatly appreciated.  Special thanks for hearing my thoughts on this proposed ordinance - I have great confidence that reason will prevail in this matter and we will have a safer city without losing our "dog friendly" status.  Good day and hope to see you soon.

Sandy Underwood
Responsible Dog Owner