To the webmaster of this site,


I have been trying to get in contact because of the comments that are at the bottom of the home page. On August 21st, I attended the Mayor’s Community Conversation at Fairdale High School. As a representative of the Louisville Metro Council, I went primarily to answer any question that someone might have about the proposed animal control ordinance, I believe it is draft number eight here. As the Communications Director of the Majority Caucus, I even brought copies of the proposed ordinance for any who had not yet seen it.


In the course of answering questions, I had many people ask about beekeeping, hunting dogs and farms, even a woman inquire about ducks. When I was asked why the government was going after these animals, I replied, “That was not the intent of this ordinance.” The intent of this ordinance is to do some thing about a public safety problem and go after irresponsible dog owners. There were many questions about MAS having way too much power. There were concerns that a pet could be taken by the way it looks. I responded “You are worrying too much, common sense will in those instances.”


To my surprise those exact same words are here but in a context of that te government really does not care about what’s being passing and we do not take it seriously. Keep in mind I was answering questions as a Communications Director. These comments make it appear the Mayor and the Metro Council are not going to enforce this law. Or there is “a hey don’t worry anything about this”. These remarks have been “cherry picked” and they are being used here out of context.


I freely admit that I made them. But it is irresponsible for them to be used as a way to paint a picture that no one has really thought this ordinance out.


I was a reporter in Louisville for 16 years. I have a reputation of fairness, balance and objectivity. I worked at Fox 41, WAVE 3 and WHAS 11. I have never used someone’s words to advance my own personal opinion in a story. It should not be done here. If you are going to have an honest discussion about a proposed law, then have that honest discussion. If your intent is to use Capitol Letters and exclamation points to highlight buzz words then your intent is not to have an honest debate. If you plan to state your problem with the law then I would suggest you link each statement to the section of the law you are concerned about so readers can see for themselves. If you are going to complain that current laws should be changed, then spell it out. Do not lump it in as part of an this proposed ordinance, when many people have been abiding by the law for years.


I think debate is healthy, I always have. Presenting all sides to an issue helps someone decide which way they want to go.


“Cherry picking” comments and not attributing them to whoever said it is just plain wrong. There were witnesses who heard what I said and in other situations legal action would be threatened to correct this problem. I am not advocating that but I think it is a public disservice and rather cowardly to hear something you think can be to illustrate what you are fighting against. What’s worse to make people think a large group of public officials believe the comments. This is wrong, Just plain wrong  


If you plan to use the comments, fine let people know who said them and what situation was while they were being said. To do anything else is a disservice to the public debate and quite frankly irresponsible.


I thank you for your time


Tony Hyatt

Communications Dir.

Majority Caucus

Metro Council