What YOU should know about Louisville’s Revised 8th Draft of

 the Animal Control Ordinance

1) There is no grandfather clause. If you currently own more dogs than are permitted for your lot size (No more than 3 dogs if you have .5 acres or less). If you’re over the limit, you are out of luck and out of compliance.

2) All unaltered (spayed/neutered) dogs must be in an enclosure that has been  *approved in writing* by the Director of Louisville Metro Animal Services.

3) If you trail ride in the park, you must carry with you a "suitable device for the picking up, collection and proper sanitary disposal" of any manure dropped by your horse. Further, you must actually dismount, collect said manure, and dispose of it while maintaining control of your horse.

4) Vets are required to turn over their rabies shot records to LMAS
so that dogs which got a rabies vax but not a license can be impounded.. They are also required to notify their clients of the provisions of this 94+ page ordinance.

5) All unaltered dogs must be microchipped. (There are new studies out that show a link between microchips        and  cancer, by the way--several of them.)

6) If you show your unaltered dog, and travel with it for more than 3 days, you must notify the Director as to the change in location of your unaltered dog.

7) If you sell, give away, or board (yes, board) your unaltered dog, you must notify the Director.

8) You may not purchase an unaltered dog without the written permission of the Director.

9) Revaccination/relicensing requirement for all dogs/cats removed from a kennel or cattery at any time.

10) Prohibits use of invisible fencing for unaltered dogs.

11) Mandates spay/neuter for any unaltered dog that is impounded for any
 reason before the owner can reclaim the dog.

12) If any of your animals (not just dogs)  “irritates” or “perturbs” anyone twice within a 5 year period, you will be forced to give up ALL of your animals and will be prohibited from owning animals again for 2 years.

13) Prohibits ownership of ANY animals by anyone who has two violations within 5 years-no matter how minor.

14) Requires reporting of all sales of all dogs, with buyers name & address to   be sent to MAS, even if buyer is not local.

15) If you have more than one unaltered pet, of any species, then you will need a $300 Animal Dealer’s license to sell any offspring of your current pets. This includes gerbils, mice, ferrets as well as dogs and cats.

16) Every time you pick up your dog, cat, or ferret from a kennel—even a boarding kennel, you must get it relicensed and revaccinated against rabies!


What can YOU do about this????

Continue to contact the mayor and the council members. But most importantly, donate to the LKC Legal fund.


The mayor and the council member's email addresses are below.

Mayor Jerry Abramson
or call


Council Members

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LKC Legislation Fund


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